wld be nice

A series of drawings and texts reflecting on one person’s (false) assumption of another’s infatuation, tenuously built via text message.

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Alternate Realities of Intimacy

Essay for Alembic publication.
A reflection upon the works of Annabelle Craven-Jones & Shu Lea Cheang included in Alembic III: protocols for intimacy

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The Emotional Labor Union
History & Handbook

Originally commissioned and self-published for Once More, With Feeling (2016) group exhibition at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (NY), now published and available as a limited run by Banner Repeater.

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Sticky: Four Texts Towards a Play

Four texts written in preparation for a new play and the result of SPACE Art & Technology Residency (2016), London.
Available in Whitechapel Gallery bookstore (London), Ulises (Philadelphia) and online.

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AV007, Art Vandelay

Commissioned zine and tape.

A poetic compilation of quotes from various self-help and motivational speakers as well as texts I’ve written regarding life as a productive and ever-“improving” entity.

This tape is made from moments that pump up, calm down, focus, energize, revitalize and make happen, ultimately resulting in a monstrous ultra-motivational audio experience.

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A contribution to NUMUteca, a public reading station at Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (NuMu), Guatamala City, Guatamala


For Time, A Monument

Commissioned contribution to the Monument Lab Newspaper.

Masters Thesis

Written portion of MFA thesis from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts / University of the Arts Helsinki, Arts Academy


PDE (Public displays of education)

Coauthored with Rachel Steinberg, PDE was a contribution to the catalog for …Is This Free? group exhibition at NURTUREart (NY).