The End (2015)

Site-specific installation
Commissioned for Peekskilll Project 6

A repository for ends and ends and ends

Whether you consider the end as nigh or never, an end of some kind is ever upon us - the end of an era, the end of the milk, the end of that song (finally). 
But where do the ends go? The ominous? The relieving? 

What ends do you have cluttered at your feet? lingering in your mind? 

An end is a currently lesser appreciated sibling of a beginning. Typically associated with loss and failure, a commemorated end can stand as a complex vessel for meaning, change and growth, no matter what it is an end of.  

The End was an installation repository for those ends, all ends - wistful and willing, violent and volatile. The Zs of any alphabet. The butt of any bread. The end date of that lease, that last MTA monthly pass now that you’ve “escaped NYC” and the last line of a favorite poem.

And to what end did we gather ends? For a monument to ends, my friends, to ends. 
Let them stand before you and say farewell. Goodbye, ends, goodbye. We’ll remember you (or not).

THE_END_install1 copy.JPG
DSCN0438 crop.jpeg

Excerpts from The End zine - summarized accounts of ends recounted and encountered during a week spent in Peekskill, NY, September 19 - 27, 2015