Rosy (2016)

Rose - a smell that gives me pleasure; one I’d much rather emit than any sort of BO. Smells can bring about powerful feelings, memories, and attractions, yet they are intensely temporal. Particular smells are associated with particular gender identities, particular ages, particular classes. Rosy (2016) was an effort to represent a smell I feel a personal affinity with in some neutral physical way. This relative neutrality, in the work’s lack of color and specific imagery, is impossible due to the dominant variable of time. As the organic matter gelatin degraded the smell fades and the bouncy firm orb flattens. A comic moldy puddle remained of a once sensuous scent.

Gelatin, rosewater, plexiglass, time, mold
Commissioned for group exhibition Our Crazy Life, NURTUREart (NY)

hey, I found the smell!
I found it
the smell I want
my whole entire
body to have

no, I don’t ache for a g’ma’s rose garden
or have residue of the awkward pleasure of 3-year-old-me biting
a bar of rose hip soap.

it’s just
a body cld smell like this
rosy rosy rosy

Rosy , Day 2

Rosy, Day 2

Rosy , Day 3

Rosy, Day 3