Massage (2015)

Massage (2015) was a site-specific installation commissioned by ArtAdvisor App for the App launch.
Inspired by the Kallio neighborhood the installation mimicked the window displays of thai massage parlors in the area, rumored to provide more than muscle relaxation. The forms in the videos, the erotic ambiguity, the abstract sensual imagery, harkened to the shrouded pleasures behind the massage parlor curtains. It was also a study in abstracted bodies having unidentifiable sensual experiences. See below for exhibition text.

Massage was installed in conjunction with Body Body solo exhibition at Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki.

ArtAdvisor / ArtCache,
Helsinki, Finland

~~~ == Massage == ~~~ 

just push and pull

massage one part into another
slow slow slow then chop karate chchchchopopopop
along the shoulders

a reminder that there are bodies here
some of them soften beneath a thumb

no need to get all “woo-woo” 
and sentimental about flesh though, right?

don’t mind the form at this point.
It is changeable and … shit,
just get the tension out, ok?

just push and pull
and press 

it feels fine.

~~~~ == 0 == ~~~~ 

I don’t know all of the forms my sensual body takes. 
The forms extend beyond my physical body, into spaces and code, into interactions and day dreams. For me this disconnect has to do with a confusion of location, an embracing of fluidity in lifestyle, identity and adaptation strategy. If I can and need to be anything mustn't my sensuality be also? 

And also what am I but a collision of spaces? a series of volumes throughout which lie a map of sensitive nerve endings? My body(bodies) is(are) tense and inviting - firm in its(their) physicality, but may be only visible because of a gentle shift in light. 

Massage is an exploration of the haptic experience of abstract sensuality and the acknowledgement of other possible bodies that are my bodies. Move slowly. Massage.