Megan Snowe works in a variety of mediums including installation, animation, text, drawing and sound. Snowe questions how we understand, strategize and quantify our immaterial and emotional lived experiences. With a BA in Russian Studies & Studio Art from Oberlin College (2008) and an MFA in Time & Space Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2014) Snowe has exhibited and published throughout Europe, the US and online.

contact: megan (dot) snowe (at)
instagram: @m.snowe

2014    MFA, Time & Space, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland
2008    BA, Russian Studies & Studio Art, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, USA

2018 // Less-Than-Lethal, Custom Program, Brooklyn
// The Active Denial System, Custom Program Satellite Exhibition, The Artist’s Institute at Hunter College, New York, NY
2017 // Alone Together, Gimme! Coffee, Brooklyn
2016 // See Attachment, series of animated .gif texts,
// ~~ I had this feeling ~~, Reading Group series, The White Building & Res., London, UK

// The Ambassadors, SOHO20 Gallery + / – Project Space, Brooklyn, NY
// The Attachments, Title Magazine, Philadelphia, PA

2015 // Massage, ArtAdvisor/ArtCache, Helsinki, Finland
// Body Body, Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
// What am I but a collision of spaces?, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA

2014 // WipeOut (Head), H&M (Hyvärinen/Snowe) collaborative exhibition, Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
// mSNOWE: doom, Kutomo, Turku, Finland
// mSNOWE: Brand Launch, Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
// Follow Me, Follow Me, Follow Me, Follow Me, But Don’t Lose Your Grip, collaborative exhibition & installation with Micha Prinsen, kunstenaarsinitiatief beyoncé (now Samet Yilmaz), Amsterdam, Netherlands
// #THEPICKUPCENTER – IN THE FIELD, collaboration with Reija Meriläinen, Guggenheim, Club Kaiku, Helsinki, Finland

2013 // The Pickup Center with Reija Meriläinen, Kesken Kaiken (All of a Sudden), Kuva/Tila, Helsinki, Finland
// TODAY, co-organized with Maarit Mustonen, Antagon Sound Art Biennial, Turku, Finland
// Annihilation – the Method, collaborative performance with Reija Meriläinen,
MIT, Cambridge, MA

2009 // I . U., Café Zoom, St. Petersburg, Russia

2008 // ПОХОЖЕ, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

2007 // ПОХОЖЕ, Fisher Gallery, Oberlin, OH

2018 // The Fondle Tour, with Mitra Saboury and Nina Sarnelle; Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, NYC, LA
// De-leb, Banner Repeater, London, UK
2016 // Once More, with Feeling, EFA Project Space, New York, NY, USA
// , Rose, Upfor Gallery,
// Moist Heat, with Laura Yuile & Special Tears (Christopher Kirubi & Cassandre Greenberg),The White Building, London, UK
// Our Crazy Life, curated by Project Curate & Sorry Archive, NURTUREart, Brooklyn, NY, USA
// Game Night (Body), Babycastles, New York City, NY, USA
// Headliner Exhibition, Labor Museum, Tampere, Finland

2015 // Peekskill Project 6, THE END, HVCCA, Peekskill, NY, USA
// Y-Festivaali, Headliner Exhibition, Tampere, Finland
// la biblio, El Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (NUMUteca),
Guatemala City, Guatemala
// The Sorbus Group Show, collaborative exhibition, Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland

2014 // RE002_We Were All Rocks Once, curator, Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2013 // RM_001: First Communion of Anemic Young Girls In The Snow and other worksInterstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY, USA
// And With Our Powers Combined, FAFA Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2012 – 2014 // Open Critique, Co-Organizer Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Finland

2012 // …Can I Take This? in conjunction with NURTUREart Gallery …Is This Free? summer program, Brooklyn, NY
// Lawn School in conjunction with NURTUREart Gallery as part of …Is This Free? summer program, co-organized with Rachel Steinberg, Brooklyn, NY

2011 – 2012 // Trade School New York, Museum of Art & Design, Cuchifritos Gallery & Grand Opening, New York, NY

2011 // Tokamak Art Residency: Experiments in Collaboration, Co-Organizer, Helsinki International Artist Programme, Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki, Finland

2016 // Schlosspost Web Residency #3,
// SPACE Art & Technology Residency, The White Building, London, UK

2015 // Minnie Jane Artist in Residence, Pendle Hill, Wallingford, PA, USA

2014 // Kutomo Residency, August 11 – 24, Turku, Finland  

2013 // The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts Berlin Residency, Berlin, Germany

2011 // Tokamak Art Residency: Experiments in Collaboration, July 18 – 31, Residency Organizer, Helsinki International Artist Programme, Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki, Finland

2018 // wld be nice, published with Aventures LTD
// This is Tomorrow Contemporary Art Magazine, ‘De-leb’, by Matthew Turner
// Tongue, Taste, Appetite Issue #3, ‘wld be nice’, collection of drawings and texts
//, “de-leb’: a group exhibition on value accrued through data’
//, “de-leb’ data as currency, the currency of data at Banner Repeater in London’
// Perfect Wave MagazineItch‘, short story
// Schloss-Ghost 2,The Inner-most Not Yet

2016 // Rhizome‘A Rose is a Rose is a –’–,–@: On “, ROSE” Presented by Upfor Gallery’ by Sam Korman
// Dispatch: “Peekskill Project 6”, by Amy Lipton, Sculpture Magazine, November 2016 Issue
// Messier, Stickier, Gooier, interview with Steph Kretowicz,
// #StudioInterviews, ‘Megan Snowe, on taking subtle jabs at social politics…’, interview with Valentina Fois
// Sticky, Four Texts Towards a New Play, self-published and launched as part of Moist Heat, group exhibition at the conclusion of SPACE Art & Technology Residency, London, UK
// Interview with Megan Snowe, SPACE Art & Technology, London, UK
// Art Vandelay, ‘AV007 – MEGAN SNOWE, GoingDoing’, Brooklyn, NY, USA
// My Pace Anthology #2, Excerpt from ‘One One One One More’
// Studio/Visits, ‘Megan Snowe in conversation with Cameron Schiller’, SOHO20 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2015 // Helsinki Sanomat, ‘Taide löytyy puhelimen avulla’, Helsinki, Finland
// New York Times, ‘Peekskill as Canvas for Artists Near and Far‘, New York, NY
// Monument Lab Newspaper, ‘For Time, A Monument’, Monument Lab, Philadelphia, PA, USA
// El Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (NUMUteca)‘¿Free?’la biblio exhibition catalog, Megan Snowe interviews Megan Snowe about …Can I Take This? free library and the nature of “free”, Guatemala City, Guatemala

2014 // Masters Thesis from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
// Anna Magazine, interview in January 2, 2014 issue, Helsinki, Finland
// The Naked, ‘Sincere Something’, co-written with Henna Hyvärinen

2013 // Mister Motley Magazine, ‘A Sense of Place’ by Maurits de Bruijn
// Mustekala, ‘Curating Togetherness: Sharing the Sense of Being-With’ interview with Saara Hannus
// Nyt-liite, ‘Fine Arts Students Do Pickup’ by Paulina Grönholm

2012 // PDE (Public Displays of Education), essay written with Rachel Steinberg, …Is This Free? Catalog for NURTUREart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2011 // Perfect Wave Magazine, interview about Tokamak Arts Residency, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2009 // Под Ключ: Design & Culture, interview & article on I . U exhibit, Julia Vinogradova, St Petersburg, Russia